What you need to know about ovulation?

If you husband decided to multiply their family, and give birth to the light baby, you need to learn a lot about ovulation. A large number of couples avoid such information, and therefore their attempts to conceive a child continue for many months. In this article you can find all the necessary information about ovulation and favorable time for conception.

What is ovulation?

What is ovulationAll know that the process of pregnancy is when the female egg is found with the male sperm. Now in order for such a process existed, the female egg to Mature and emerge from the ovaries. This process of release of an egg is called ovulation. The conception of a baby is possible in the period of ovulation – if in the female fallopian tube there is a healthy ovum, and there is a great opportunity to meet her with sperm.

How to find out that it is ovulation?
Defined ovulation test stripYou need to listen to their feelings: about you may feel a little discomfort in the lower abdomen in the middle of the menstrual cycle, or to have a heightened sexual desire, and also to see a small spotting on underwear. Such symptoms occur during ovulation. But in order to accurately pregnancy you need to know more details about her ovulation. Recommended reading article: signs of ovulation.

Defined ovulation test strip
There are special tests that determine the level of contents in the female body of luteinizing hormone, which is responsible for the process of pregnancy. Upon the occurrence of ovulation hormone levels very sharply rises and this causes ovulation. Under these conditions, hormone levels is so great that it appears in female urine, and the test strip has the opportunity to fix it.

At a certain regularity of the menstrual cycle is a possible test for ovulation. You must do the ovulation tests for 17 days before the next menstrual cycle. That is, if your menstrual cycle lasts 28 days, the test should be done on the 11th day, and when the menstrual cycle lasts 35 days, then this test will give results only from the 18th day.

If ovulation tests gave a positive result, this suggests that the release of an egg held in the coming 28-42 hours. So it is a good time to drag my husband in bed!

Defined ovulation: measuring rectal body temperature
To determine ovulation draw a graph horizontally will be the days of the cycle, and the vertical axis is in degrees Celsius. Not getting out of bed every morning measure your rectal body temperature and otobrati it on the chart. If there is a difference between body temperature in the first and second phase of the menstrual cycle more than 0.3 s, the cycle can be called ovulatory and there is a maximum chance of conception. When the standard menstrual cycle of 28 days, the first to the ovulatory phase is divided in two weeks. The next two weeks perfect for conception!

What affect ovulation?
What affect ovulationAll the factors that have an impact on the female body: diet, sleep, exercise, change of time zone, power.
Great use of medications for weight loss. No need to starve and dramatically reduce their body weight below 45 kg Under such conditions, the female body is blocking the reproductive system, as in a state of starvation, the system does not have the ability to endure and reproduce healthy offspring.

Ovulation affects the sex of the baby:
Most likely to give birth to the baby if the birth of the baby was not later than two, three days prior to ovulation;
The probability of the birth of a son is raised if the conception of a baby was the day of ovulation or the day before.

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