Pregnancy test

When to do a pregnancy test in the morning or evening

If you have any question – it’s unlikely you want to wait for the morning to make all the rules. No matter, afraid of a woman’s pregnancy or waiting for her, she definitely wants to find out the result now. However, will show whether the correct test result if the test in the evening or during the day? Let’s look around.

When to do a pregnancy testTo understand when it is time to do testing, you need to understand how it works. And it is quite simple. When the fetus is implanted in the uterine wall in women’s blood begins to produce a specific hormone. Its presence suggests that the woman is pregnant. The test is aimed at the recognition of this hormone. In other words, covered with dough reacts with HCG, is painted in one or two strips.

Now think logically. If this hormone in the blood is present, the test must be detected. Therefore, there is no difference, when you will do the testing hormone from the urine will not disappear. However, for a small period of time the amount of the hormone may be insufficient to determine pregnancy. And in the morning a number of hormones increases, which increases the chances of a correct diagnosis. Therefore, the test is conducted in the morning will be more reliable, especially in the early stages. So the best test to do in the morning.

However, if you already delay, the quality of the test immediately identify reliable result. And it does not matter what time of day.

The only thing you can advise the following:
Tested urine must be fresh.
Before testing, you need to avoid taking a large number of diuretic drugs and fluids, so as not to dilute the urine.
Before testing, it is better to refrain from urinating for four hours.

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