Pediatric dentistry

When to start brushing baby teeth?

To clean the child's teeth - how to brush and when to start

This question is of interest to all parents because all they want to see your child’s beautiful and healthy teeth. And dentists answer him clearly: as soon as teeth appear in the mouth. This answer can seem unexpected, and yet sad statistics shows that more than half of children aged from one to three years already observed caries. As the main reason for such a negative situation dentists call it underestimation parents early prevention of caries.

Teething usually begins in infants aged 6 – 8 months. First appear 2 lower incisors, then the top 2, and by about 2.5 years grow all 20 teeth are called “milk”. Of course, this timing is typical, they may be significant deviations in one direction or another.

Many parents are milk teeth of children very lightly, considering that as soon as they will fall out anyway, and take care of them no need. But a sick baby tooth can completely destroy the germ of the permanent tooth. The formation of correct occlusion and harmonious proportions of the lower face, proper development of the jaws and stomach health also depend on the health of baby teeth.

How to clean baby teeth?

How to clean baby teethTo clean teeth 6-8-month-old baby, of course, mom. This can be done with gauze moistened with boiled water, or a special silicone toothbrushes, which are placed on mom’s finger and does not injure the gums. After some time the cleaning of the teeth can be charged to the child, the acquisition of a toothbrush with soft bristles and a small head, which overlaps in size no more than two teeth. Every three months the brush should be changed.

Brush your teeth the child should at least 2 times a day as an adult. Year-old child can already use toothpaste. The composition of the paste should strictly correspond to the age of the baby and not contain fluorine, as such a child almost completely swallows her, and this could have negative consequences.

Naturally, such a small child is not able to efficiently clean their teeth independently, and therefore parents have to do it again to remove plaque from the teeth completely. And should do so within a year or two until the child himself will learn how to correctly and take good care of your teeth.

How to teach your child to brush their teeth?

To learn how to brush your teeth, the child should see how clean my teeth parents and other family members get pleasure from it. He should also tell us why it should be done. The preferred demonstration of hygienic procedures were required to holidays or weekends when no one is rushing to work. Baby we should get to the bathroom and show how movements of the brush are brushing your teeth. Let once it will make the Pope, at other times, grandma, etc.

You will help your child to learn the correct movement of the brush, offering to brush the doll or yourself, and then choose correctly brush the kid’s teeth with appropriate comments. To interest the child, pre-go with him to the store and buy him a nice toothbrush and “delicious” children’s toothpaste with strawberry flavor or ice cream

Teach your kid to wash the brush after use and then put in a special Cup with handle down. Hang near the sink the mirror so that the child could see himself, to see how he brushes his teeth correctly and whether there was toothpaste on the chin after cleansing.

How to brush their child’s teeth?

How to brush their child's teethThe movement is predominantly vertical brush from the gums to the outer edge of the tooth. The lower teeth are cleaned by the brush strokes from the bottom up, the top – on the contrary. By these movements the bristles better removes food debris between teeth and at the same time produces a gum massage, which improves blood flow and increases blood flow to the teeth.

Bristle toothbrush when cleaning external and internal surfaces of the teeth should be positioned at an angle of 45 degrees to the tooth surface. Horizontal movement of the brush when brushing your teeth is not acceptable. In them the form of the mucosa surrounding the teeth are shifted left, then right and behind the tooth surface, which gives the opportunity to get under them remnants of food with microbes. Food starts to rot, bacteria multiply and infect the tooth – there is a caries lesion.

To clean the chewing surfaces of the teeth, the brush should be placed horizontally and to perform its reciprocating motion. Be sure to also clean the inner surface of the posterior teeth by holding the brush at an angle to the vertical axis of the tooth.

The inner surface of the front teeth clean vertical brush, repeating the motion from the gums to the cutting edge of the tooth.

Brush your teeth at least 2 times a day – morning after Breakfast and evening after dinner – and make sure that the child would do the same. Rinse your mouth with clean water after each meal, and teach this kid.

Demand that the kid was brushing my teeth carefully, slowly. A few hurried movements of the brush will not give any result. Show your child this by taking a clean cloth and rubbing the surface of the tooth. On the cloth, there will inevitably be a light yellow tinge. Tell him that it is a solid bacteria, delete which is not easy, therefore, teeth should be cleaned for a long time. Gradually increase the duration of this procedure up to 10 minutes.

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