Disease children

Worms of the child

The kid knows the world, tasting everything that falls into his hands. And on the Playground, and even at home there is no guarantee that it’ll pass the disease worms. Children protective barriers of the gastrointestinal tract are imperfect, so they are very susceptible to parasitic infections.

Worms symptoms in children:

Enterobiasis cause pinworms. The child experiences severe itching in the anus ( mainly at night, but not only ). Appears insomnia, abdominal pain, incontinence. Girls pinworms cause irritation of the external genitalia. When infection with Ascaris ( worms ) can cause cough, shortness of breath, fever.

Appear sleep disorders and indigestion, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or constipation, abdominal pain. On the visible skin rash. The child quickly loses weight, becomes irritable, he disturbed sleep.

Treatment of worms in children:

Treatment of worms in childrenSo as soon as possible to begin treatment for worms, urgently contact your pediatrician. For the expulsion of worms, there are special preparations. The treatment is carried out simultaneously to all members of the family. Proglazhivayte linens and pajamas toddler hot iron. All family members should wash hands before eating and not only.

Be careful to handle fruits and vegetables, boil water. If you have a cat or dog, make animal analysis to identify these parasites. If the baby is already crawling, remove street shoes in the closets, do not leave the stroller in the hallway. Twice a day, wash the floor with disinfectant. Toys several times a week, bathe with soap. On the street, make sure that the child is not picked in the mouth objects from the ground, not played with the animals.

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